Let’s Find the Unusual Signs and Incidents through Street Photography

Introduction of Akkara Naktamna and his series inspired in the streets.

Unusual Incident”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

Thai photographer, Akkara Naktamna, recently shares his different works with Rinse. Form Unusual Incidentto Sign, Akkara displays the way he see the world—the way with a scene of humor and the spirit of observation.

Akkara started to photograph since 2008 after he read a photo book named, “Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs” . He was so inspired that he bought a small camera and began taking photographs in streets of Bangkok. That was the beginning of his street photography career.

Unusual Incident”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

In Unusual Incident,” Akkara explored ordinary stories that happening around our daily life. The photos represented his strange but creative ideas resulting unique and weird incidents. It seems reasonable but actually what we thought might just preconceptions. In the other work, Sign”, Akkara believes that there are a lot of signs in our world, some are waring us and some are, perhaps, frightening us.

Unusual Incident”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna
Unusual Incident”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

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Interview about the Photographer and “Sign” Series

How or by what did you get inspired to make the series “Sign”?
What’s the main idea of this series?
The main idea is quite funny. I’m a fanboy of sci-fi film such as ID4, War of the World, Signs, 2012, or other else that destroy the world or coming of alien. Sometimes I think there is something strange out there, on the streets, neighborhood, or even in the backyard. By this, I tried to find an unusual sign which seems to send a message to us.

“Sign” -Photography by Akkara Naktamna
The “Sign” series is split to 3 parts,
Sign” , “Missing” and “Disguise”
that related each other like films
I have seen.

Which photo is your favorite/impressive one in the “Sign” series?
There are 2 photographs that I shot in the difference place but they seem related each other. They are No.2 and No.3 in the part of “Disguise”, I think it seems to be sign of “man” and “woman.”

No.2 &No.3 from“Disguise”-Photography by Akkara Naktamna

During the shooting, did anything interesting or frustrating happened? What’s your response?
For making this project I had to go to untidy places, photographed strange objects, sometime in a trash, so many people came and asked me like a suspected person but finally everything is fine. I was survive by acting like a tourist who always excited and shoots everything. ☺

How do you motivate yourself to take photos?
Normal people, ordinary things and good photobook always motivate me.

What does “photography” mean to you?
I’ not sure exactly what does it mean to me, but I feel “photography” bringing me to the area where I can’t go in the normal life and it makes my strange ideas to be real.

Words for people viewing this series.
The series is full of signs that I have hidden in them, try to look and interpret!

“Sign”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

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“Disguise” — อำพราง. We have to disguise for many reasons, escape, survival or preparing to do something. In many cases disguise is used for evil that not from the devil, but from ordinary people like you and me.

“Disguise”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

“Missing” — Missing is the mood of scare. We all fear its moment, confused, unpredictable and mysterious. But finally it will be unfolded even if we will face a tragedy.

“Missing”- Photography by Akkara Naktamna

About the Photographer-Akkara Naktamna

Honorable Mention of the International Photography Awards (IPA) in 2009
Honorable Mention of The Everyman Photo Contest 2009
Special Mention Award of the IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013
Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival 2013
Shortlist of the International Street Photography Award 2014
Finalist of Urban Picnic Street Photography Competition 2014
[Solo Exhibition]
Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (soon)
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