Rinse Focus : Ghosts and Fays— Interview with Peter Allert

A story, a fairy tall, a vision that celebrates the theme of a wonderful dream.

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4 min readJul 9, 2014


/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

As a professional photographer, Peter Alert co-founded Munich-based Allert&Hoess Photography in 1989, He specializes in still life , technical and scientific photography.

After setting up his own studio in 1991, the company made its breakthrough in 1992 with a photo series for the portfolio “Joop! — women’s shoes”. After this series, more opportunities and doors started opening for them. They even had the luxury to work with successful companies such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, BMW, Ford, Philip Morris, McDonald's, Microsoft and many more.

After 20 years in the business, Peter decided to approach photography as his creative outlet and create images without any influences of advertising or commercial purposes. He wanted his work to convey the mystery of our own existence. He explains that all sorts of art are the product of the unseen and the unknown. They are the parts of the mystery of our own existence. Everything starts from the emotions inside of us. Emotional and critical photography, surrealism, magic and dark art are themes that inspire Peter to create images.

Yearning For Hope/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

“All emotions out of me, which based on psychological sources,
my heart and my soul!”—Peter Allert

Visions of a Fay/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

Today his works are more about advanced elaborations. He works with multiple-exposures and different focus adjustments within a photograph. Additionally He highlights his subjects with spotlights (DEDO Lights) for every individual exposure in different adjustments and configurations.

The project Ghosts and Fays”celebrates the theme of a wonderful dream, which Peter had during his childhood —

“I have never forgotten it… a wonderful and warm power, out of my soul is telling me every day, what I have to feel, see and smell, that in my own little world with my emotions!”

Psychedelic Sight/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert
Feed My Soul/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert
Last Pain of Silent Cry/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

“Ghosts and Fays are around us — in every second, but in the sphere of the night, where my soul will be wide open, maybe that they will give me a mystic and new sight in cooperation with my soul. It is so fantastic and not only a story of me — it could be the own deepness and sensitivity, which make such wonderful encounters possible…”

“A symbolism little world of emotions out of my soul
as reflection into my work!”—Peter Allert

Awoken in Melancholia/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert
Lost Time On Another Day/“Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

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