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Self Worth

Are you a number or a story? How to change the perspective of looking at yourself?

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More than half of our lives are spent in collecting numbers for ourselves. It all starts right from the minute you’re born. Your birth-date becomes the first number you’re linked with, it will stay with you for all your life, on all your identification cards and documents.

Then a series of numbers start — right from scoring grades and marks in your school, to being an A or B or F in college. From being someone who earns a five or six-digit salary a year, to the employee number on your office ID card, even to the number of likes your profile picture received on Facebook — numbers are all around us, and everyday, we get a new number to be happy or sad about.

Look around you — what do you see? The people. Are they all numbers or stories?

Definitely stories. That’s what you’ll say. But that’s not exactly how you see them. You see them only as numbers.

Who James? Oh. The one who scored 3.5 GPA in college? Who Jessica? Oh the one who has a million followers on Instagram?

Beyond all those numbers, there are people who have a story that differentiates them from everyone else. But how many stories do you know in this world? The answer is very, very miniscule. Not even 0.01% of the total population. Considering if we are 7 billion on the planet, 0.01% of 7 billion is 700,000. We don’t know that many stories. We don’t know that many people!

But yet, we all co-exist. We all are living in this huge planet we call home. The whole world is like a big family, yet we don’t consider telling our story to someone, or listening to someone’s story. We focus more on numbers, like how much he earns, what was his grade in college or how many views his YouTube video got?

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Numbers, don’t define us. Stories do.

There can be thousands of people in the world in same net-worth bracket, or with same grades, but how many of them have exactly same stories? Even siblings have different stories, even though they are born & brought up in one family. Their stories differ based upon the choices they take, and finally they land at different places in life. That is what defines us the most.

There are days and times when you’re feeling depressed or anxious, that you haven’t done enough, or maybe you didn’t earn enough. Maybe your former classmate is now sitting at a high position and earning more than you. But you only focus on the numbers, you don’t know his story. You don’t focus on that.

Similarly, the one person whose story you know to the finest of the details is ‘YOU’ — but you don’t remind yourself of that. You have started seeing yourself, as a number too.

You know your story best, and you also have complete control over it. You can write it the way you want to, your decisions can turn it in whatever direction you choose. But till the time you only keep comparing yourself with other ‘numbers’ in the world, you’ll never get that satisfaction, neither can you gain control over anything.

Numbers will only keep you confused, angry and depressed. Numbers are the reason why most people are unhappy today. Social media addiction has also addicted us to likes, comments, shares, subscribers, claps — whatever parameter that’s run by numbers. But you need to understand that if a bikini-clad model has a million likes on Instagram, while you have only 10, even then your story can definitely be better than hers!

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Does happiness need reasons?

In this world, there are more reasons to be happy about, than to be sad about. Everyday you can feel thankful for one thing in life. It can be something as simple as a roof over your head or food on your table. But we don’t choose that.

We choose to be depressed and sad about something new everyday. We choose to remain gloomy, jealous and keep loathing others. We become furious when we see someone getting promoted. We choose that negativity everyday. And that negativity further gives rise to resentment and remorse in our lives. We keep ourselves locked in that room forever, until it’s too late.

There are hundreds of people who have admitted on their death-beds, that their lives could’ve been happier and better, if they didn’t think about things that don’t matter at all. On their death-beds, it didn’t matter if someone got a promotion or someone had a pay-raise. It didn’t matter if Susan was getting a million likes on her photos on Instagram. All this social media fad is nothing but a temporary bubble that will burst one day.

Consider this — just 50 years ago, there was no Facebook or Instagram, still people used to live a happy life, right? Then why can’t you, live one now? What’s stopping you?

At the end, you’ll realise that happiness is nothing but a personal choice that you can make everyday. Self worth is one of the most important assets that you can have. Know yourself beyond the numbers. Know your story. Remind yourself everyday about where you come from and where you’ve reached, you will see that your own progress track is what matters the most in the world!

Let me know in comments below, about what you think of yourself — and what is your story?👇 Let’s connect on this virtual platform, and get to know other members of this big fat family of planet Earth! 😊



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