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I Married A Backbencher, And This Is How It Changed My Life!

Me, with my husband at Dam Square — Amsterdam (Image Credits: Author’s Own Photo)
Me, with my husband at Dam Square — Amsterdam (Image Credits: Author’s Own Photo)

Everyone in life tells you how important it is to be successful, to be rich, to be powerful, to have contacts in the right place, to have a position in the society. There is not a day that passes by, without people around you giving unsolicited advises about what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

Especially if you’re…




We are a publication that aims to share stories of about life, love, experiences, opinions, challenges, struggles, failures, vulnerabilities and more…all from heart!

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Mehek Kapoor

Mehek Kapoor

I write about design, finance, history, travel, culture, health & even politics. I’m an Indian, living in the Netherlands, follow me for fresh content!

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