Body Shaming

I Stopped Worrying About My Body Image

And it freed me in more ways than I could imagine!

Mehek Kapoor
Stories From Heart
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5 min readJun 16, 2024


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

When I conceived my baby, everyone around me was asking me why I still didn’t look like I was pregnant. They wanted me to gain weight, and they wanted me to do it fast.

‘Where is your baby bump? Why can’t we see it yet?’ these were some of the comments I received — not from men, but from women around me.

It might be hard to digest but women are indeed more judgmental about the women around them. We don’t think much, but we seldom pass hurtful, disgraceful, and downright insulting comments sometimes.

‘When are you getting married? Women younger than you have babies these days!’

‘When are you planning a baby? You’ve been married what, like four years now?’

‘When are you planning the second baby? I’m sure the elder one needs a sibling to play with!’

We may not be conscious, but our words can really ruin someone’s day!

I had always been a girl with an okay-ish figure. I was never too thin or too fat, so I would honestly admit that I don’t know what bullying for body weight sounds (or looks) like.