This woman vlogged about her life in a polygamous relationship, and now she has 900k subscribers!

Mehek Kapoor
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If you think you have seen enough crazy in the world, wait for it.

Cover of one of her YouTube videos — Credits: Sitara Yaseen’s YouTube channel
Cover of one of her YouTube videos — Credits: Sitara Yaseen’s YouTube channel

There is a woman in Pakistan named ‘Sitara Yaseen’, who has a YouTube channel with around 900k subscribers (at the time of writing this story) and gets millions of views on her videos.

You might be thinking, what’s special in her channel or her vlogs? Well, she shares her life with the world.

But what’s special in her life, you may ask?

Her life is certainly more adventurous and challenging than yours! Her husband married another woman, without divorcing the first wife (Yaseen).

Wait, there’s more — the husband has three children with the first wife. He still decided to marry once again, and his children were his guests at his second wedding.

From her vlogs, one can easily notice that —

  • Yaseen was not invited to the second wedding, as she attended it online.
  • Yaseen’s interests were not kept into consideration by the husband while getting married for the second time.
  • She can be seen visibly upset about her husband’s decision of getting another…