PassCamp release notes — November 2018

Doing our best to improve your team’s security and efficiency!

Hello, campers!

PassCamp team is happy to be back with some big and exciting news! For the last 3 months we were extremely focused on developing PassCamp for Teams and we are glad to announce that the long-awaited Teams version is going live! Along with additional updates like major overhaul of the main app, even more user-friendly interface and much, much more!


  • Added onboarding tips and videos to the main PassCamp app, to make the start of your camping journey even easier
  • Pricing plans added to
  • PassCamp for Teams is now live! With this, we have a ton of new features for your team, such as:
  • Admin dashboard
  • Closed environment for your team
  • Team user password reset
  • Browser Extensions for Teams
  • 60 day free trial for every new team. Try it, test it, keep it!


  • We have migrated to Google Cloud servers — your sensitive information has never been more secure and accessible, just for you!
  • Updated with new features, pricing and some stylistic updates
  • Updated all of our service and notification emails to provide more clarity for the users
  • Updated contact invite process to be more intuitive for new users
  • Updated Sign Up process, so that new users could find the plan they need easier


  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect error message was displayed when attempting to log in with incorrect credentials
  • Fixed minor token generating bug, when user experienced inconsistencies when logged in to multiple devices
  • Fixed bug where pending invites screen wouldn’t refresh automatically
  • Other minor bug fixes

Coming soon:

  • Safari extension is being built in our workshop as you’re reading this!
  • Premium version of PassCamp Personal coming soon!

Written by Arvydas Vaitkus, marketing manager at Adeo Web

All images © Robertas Zigmantavičius