Hi, I am Parson Zeedster 28591. Born a decade before the millennium-change, I am a far travelled and well-educated veteran of the golden ages for which I am especially proud of. My friends and acquaintances gave me the nickname “Greybeard”. I don’t like this nickname but people think I am a weirdo because I am the only one wearing a beard in the mid-fifties. My far too traditional watch doesn’t help in getting rid of this image either.

I hope you’ve had a better evening than me. Indeed, I was sitting quietly in the comfortable cabin settle of my brand-new FF Model T, one of the newest office fleet vehicles of my partial employer. Back home from a virtual job, the constant impulses of my cabin settle’s electro-stimulating textile fibers were massaging my back. I though it felt like sharp needles slowly entering my epidermis. Suddenly, the on-board assistant of my FF Model G, Ava, replied with a friendly, yet tantalizing and commanding voice. She sounded familiar, just like one of my first girlfriends back in the days. Ava said to me,

‘Please do not think about sharp objects and / or needle-like items as they are forbidden on this in-office vehicle. Please do attend the latest security session of your in-office vehicle training program within the next week’.

Great, I thought. A new treat of our modernized world. I replied to Ava saying

“Sure, Ava, I will attend the security session as soon as possible”.

Her reply came promptly:

‘Noted. Thank you Dr. Parson G. K. Zeedster 28591. Now sit back and relax. On behalf of your partial employer, I wish you a pleasant journey.’