#LetsBrand in Pictures at the Sekondi — Takoradi

Let’s Brand : The Personal Experience.

What is Let’s Brand ?

Let’s Brand is a social project to educate and help local vendors Brand their Products and services to reach out to the larger market.

George Engaging Local Vendors inSekondi Takoradi

The Experience :

Imagine this , if vendors and sellers in our local markets wake up every morning to sell in our local markets and yet no one really knows their story , then it’s a shame. From the little kids with food stuffs on their heads hawking in the market to our Teenagers with “Bright Futures” moving to and fro in the hot Sun trying to sell something , right down to our Mothers and Fathers at the Market Place also working as hard as possible just to make a living for their Families and yet the problem of “bad economy” with “bad market” crushes their dreams of a better Life.

As a Tertiary student, i do believe in giving back to my Society , helping build a better and stronger society as we move on . I see Let’s Brand as a game changer and a life changing initiative for our society , most people normally fear change , because they are afraid of what they can’t control .With this Project i can already see the positive change coming to our society. Through Let’s Brand local Vendors will see their products and services reach a larger market.

As Tertiary Students :

Let’s Come together and Bring the Positive Change we need in our society
Let’s make a positive Change with our intellectual Capabilities.
Let’s initiate the change we wish for in our society
Let’s Build a stronger Society through Change Initiatives

With each #LetsBrand story unveils unheard stories of successful Vendors in our local market.

#Let’sBrand is making a positive Change in our society

I support #Let’sBrand

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