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The more I talk to Daryian Rhysing, the more I realise that his mind is wildly imaginative, typical of a person in the autistic spectrum. For musicians like Daryian, their lives on the outside look normal, while their minds run through beautiful thoughts and feelings which they rarely express to the outside world. But Daryian has an outlet for this, and thats his music.

Daryian’s music and his life are two separate worlds, something that he explains to me repeatedly as I go through the interview trying to find a connection between his life and his music. And then it hit me, that the key to understanding Daryian was to not enforce that connection on him.

A snap from Dyncorp International, where Daryian worked on helicopters

His life is a complete contrast to his music. He has a technical bent of mind, which, he says, loves puzzles, to the extent that he even sees music as a puzzle where notes are arranged in a pleasing way. He was trained technically, recruited in the army, and repaired helicopters for a living. He even spent 13 months serving in Iraq, though, he says that what he mostly enjoyed there was the community service, which included school supplies for the kids, assisting in village developments by providing electricity and water supplies.

After his service in Iraq, his military contract ended and he was honourably discharged and became a veteran. Another job later, Daryian surprisingly became a student again. He picked up physics as a subject, and then computer systems and engineering, which he is hoping to finish his course in a year or two.

If there’s any connection point between his music and his life though, it seems to be strangely, Physics. Daryian talks a lot about the universe and energy and life, when it comes to his music, but the only other context in which you’ll hear him speak about the Universe and energy is when he talks about Physics. It almost seems like there are two conflicting theories about life in his mind, one that is inherently physical, and the other, spiritual, with thoughts about the Universe, its energy and the soul coming together in his music.

He says his thoughts and his mind tend to see music as a puzzle that pieces notes together to make a pleasing arrangement, but then as he goes about making his music, he says, his feelings come alive and express themselves through his music. It occurs to me that for Daryian, his music is probably his only means to express his feelings.

Daryian’s music theme is as complex as his mind. He likes electronica with a mix of Goth, which is what he produces. He says he’s been fascinated with the esoteric since he was a kid, and loves exploring nature, its forces and what lies beyond. He says that though his music is modern(electronic), it has a historic element in it. His favourite time in history is between 1200 and 1300 AD and is fascinated by the Knights Templar. He is also fascinated by vampires.

I ask him what his core beliefs are and he says he believes in life after death. He says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and that all humans are energy. He thinks we are all eternal beings who just transform into different beings in different lives.

Though his music has been a hobby so far, he says he’s serious about it. He’s a recording artist at heart, who enjoys creating music more than performing. He was working with Rhiannon, his partner, but since they separated a year back, he has been producing music on his own. He says he’d like to be able to incorporate his music in video games or television. He thinks his engineering degree will come in handy with knowledge of sound processing and filters which he wants to incorporate into his music. But he says he will not kill his career either, preferring to keep both his music and his career growing throughout his life.

Daryian feels that everyone’s imagination can come to life through music. He believes that deep down, everyone has their secrets and things that they guard. He feels that this side of a person can come to life, expressing itself through music. He believes it would be wonderful if everyone could do it.

Listen and Read about Daryian here, or reach out to him on Facebook here.

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