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Sometimes the lights all shining on me…

…other times I can barely see… a great Grateful Dead lyric, thank you Robert Hunter…and one I think about all the time. Not too long ago I made pictures that felt good at the moment of their making and later as I selected and finished them the feeling was still there. Seemed like the light was all shining on me.

One of the ways I know I’m in my zone is when I keep finding different ways to see the same thing. That was happening when I made these images at the Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley, CA. I only spent a few hours there but every minute felt good — I kept seeing more.
Here are three views of the same face. The camera moved only a bit here a bit there but what was revealed totally changed. How wonderful. No right way, just beautiful.
That’s what I love about shooting icons. They don’t change — or at least not very fast. The light changes of course but what mainly changes is me. What I bring to it, what is revealed when I’m patient, what is really there but I don’t always see. The eyes are always looking but perception is a sometime thing…

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