The Grave-site in the Płaszczatka Forest

In 1941 the Nazis murdered 740 Jews from Stawiski. This is the road they walked them down
There at the sign ahead they turned left and went deeper into the forest

When I saw this I started crying. Such a beautiful day and such a beautiful path.

But the path led here to the place they were all killed
There is a small memorial. Black posts mark the outlines, the place where the bodies were buried
Some are identified, a few at least.
We had no way of knowing for certain if members of my family were here but we left stones at the memorial for all the lost…oy.

Authors note — In October 2014 my wife and I drove to Stawiski, a small town in Northeastern Poland to see where my mother and the rest of the Brozozowska/Barron family had come from. Located between Lomza and Bialystock, Stawiski is about three hours from Warsaw. We traveled to Stawiski with Hubert Pawlik, a Polish guide from Warsaw who was familiar with the area and a great help in finding our way.

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