“Open your parachute idiot!”

Last time I wrote about parachuting, it was about the basic course I took at the end of August. Since then, I progressed and recently, crossed a critical point in my training, opening my parachute. So how does one get here?

After the course, I attended a parachute packing course, as it’s essential to learn to pack your own if you want to jump a lot (you can pay someone to pack it for you, but I don’t see why you should, it’s easy). I learned how to do it very quickly, but you obviously need to practice; otherwise, you forget it.

I met some new friends there and also learned what my next assignment is going to be. So far, I have been just walking out of the plane, facing the tail. Now, I have to jump (it’s more of swing and let go) into what’s called a “stabilized position.”

When you are on the plane, you put your right leg on the rightmost part of the frame of the door, your right hand somewhere around where the door handle is. Ideally, you put your head out and just stare at the cockpit of the plane (I was told that sometimes the pilots would wave you; never happened to me tho). Then, you swing around your right hand (which is holding the door frame), and you immediately get taken away by the wind coming from the propeller.

Once you are out of the plane, you need to be in this banana like shape, where you push your bottom in front and have your hands down by your body. Still having the rope that is opening the parachute, you just count to three, and that’s it.

From my experience, first time, I fucked it up (nothing dangerous as the parachute opens so quickly), over the next few jumps tho, I improved, and the last time at the airport, new achievement was awaiting me.

As I already mentioned, so far, my parachute was opened by the plane as there was a rope attached to the container in which it was stored on my back. This cord was attached to the plane before I jumped.

Now, there was still going to be a rope, but it will only open small stabilizing chute, the opening of the main parachute was on me. Not that it’s something hard, you have a plastic thing on the right leg strap, and you just pull it out.

Another thing, this is going to be my first real freefall jump (5 seconds).

Morning before my first freefall jump

So I am in the plane, repeating the sequence in my head, count to three, put your hands front, then continue counting, open parachute on 5.

We stand up, the fear disappears.

I am in the air. Wow, this is so fucking good.

Fuck, why is nothing happening. Ah, open your parachute, you idiot!

Good, I am flying, parachute above my head. I made it.

And what’s awaiting me now? Another jump with 5 seconds freefall, then, the time then increases to ten, then twenty and so on. So that’s it. And by the way, I have nine jumps so far (gonna break the magic ten soon).

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