How My Access Savings Helped Me During the Pandemic

Sep 18 · 2 min read
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My name is Jackie Castronero and I have been working for The Carousell for almost eight years now. Currently, I live with my partner and gratefully, despite the health crisis that the country is facing, we still have our jobs that are helping us support our family throughout this pandemic.

At this point of time, especially during the ECQ, I realized that everything is just temporary. Some people lost their jobs and some of them lost their loved ones. You can never know what is going to happen tomorrow, the next day, or by next week so you will always have to be prepared and this is a matter of surviving.

Despite the limited resources that we have, I am still grateful, especially to our company, because they are supporting their employees and we still have our income. The work from home set up is a huge help because we were able to manage our budget efficiently. However, even though we made a huge adjustment to our expenses and monthly bills, we still manage to save. I remember when I started my savings with Access and everything was still normal, my savings deduction was small. This is because I had to make a budget for my personal expenses like my transportation going to work and my other basic needs. But when this pandemic happened, I have decided to make my savings deduction higher and it is very helpful because I was able to use it for an emergency.

It will always be better if you have more savings not because you have the money, but because the relief that it can give you knowing that you don’t have to worry for the rainy days because you know to yourself that you are prepared.

The Carousell is a company client of Access. To learn how you can get your company on Access, or to learn more about Access Savings, email us at

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