World Map: Where Have Kupuna Lived?

From Burma to Morocco, Southern Indiana to the Soviet Union, the kupuna I have had the opportunity to interview have lived and traveled all over the globe. One aspect of the Stories of Kupuna publication is the aspect of various cultures around the world that have influenced the diverse lifestyles of kupuna, taking their life experiences beyond the islands. The places that kupuna have lived and traveled all over world have given these stories a unique dimension, providing cultural differences from being raised in a Burmese household to growing up in a small Midwestern town. Their stories reflect the diversity of travels that the kupuna of Hawai’i and beyond embody; these valuable life experiences only blossom with age.

The maps added to the kupuna articles only reflect a minor part of the incredibly rich travels that these interviewees have experienced in their storied lives, but they provide a glimpse into the wide range of places that their lives have taken them in the past few decades…

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