Congratulations, Andrew!

A 2010 graduate of Holland High School, Andrew earned his degree in Professional Writing from Grand Valley State University.

Andrew says he first thought about college when he was around 10. That was when he became old enough to want “to make my dad proud.”

He did well in school and the dream seemed possible. But then, as Andrew puts it, he “stumbled” and ran with the wrong crowd. It happens to many people. But Andrew saw what was happening and decided to change. He focused on his studies again.

Fortunately, people took note of Andrew’s improvement. One in particular, Bev Grimes in the high school’s Counseling Office, took an interest in helping Andrew achieve his dream of college. She told Andrew about the H/Z Promise Scholarship. When she told him that if granted the scholarship he would graduate almost debt free, Andrew could hardly believe it.

“I was ready to go for it, the dream of college, even if it meant graduating with tens of thousands of dollars of debt.”

Andrew wants his H/Z Promise Scholarship donors to know:

“You helped me a way I never thought possible. Thank you.”

His advice to high school students:

Stay vigilant, dedicated. The first month (of college) can be the most taxing, overwhelming. But if you persist — you will find your way.

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