Congratulations, Courtney!

Courtney graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Health Care Management and Respiratory Care. After college, she was hired as Respiratory Tech at Greenville Metron.

When Courtney found herself struggling in high school, her parents and her counselors suggested Hope’s Trio Upward Bound Program. She entered a year later than the other students, but she used her time there well, setting her sights on a college education.

Elizabeth Colburn, Director of Upward Bound had this to say about Courtney:

She is a dedicated and multi-talented student with a strong work ethic. Courtney ‘walks the talk’, always giving 100% to anything she undertakes.”

When senior year was approaching she, along with her supportive parents, looked at possible ways to cover college tuition, they found that the National Guard program would cover most expenses. In return, Courtney would serve one weekend a month and also serve two weeks once a year for eight years.

Courtney’s advice to high school students:

“Reach for the stars. Never think you can’t do something. And keep up with your studies. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. Because if you don’t keep up from the beginning you won’t have the skills that you need at the end.”

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