Eliseo graduated from Holland High School and was nominated for a Promise Scholarship by his counselor.

Eliseo attends Hope College and intends to pursue a composite degree in music and audio production because of a personal discovery: “Not only do I have gifts in performance, but music brings me joy.”

Eliseo started dreaming of a college education when he was in an eighth-grade Texas classroom. “This was the first time I considered my future. People in Texas told me I would end up living on the streets like my oldest siblings, uncles and aunts. I was determined to not follow that prediction.”

“I was done living in poverty and feeling like we were getting nowhere. A deep desire grew inside me to succeed in high school and in college. Not only do I have a deep determination to succeed for myself, but to also set an example for my two younger siblings.”

When Eliseo moved to Holland, his high school counselor gave him challenging courses to get him ready for college, and his host family took him on many college visits.

“My path to attending college has been challenging, but I have been greatly encouraged by many teachers, coaches, counselors, and family through the whole process.”

To learn more about the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship, visit www.cfhz.org/hzpromise