A 2017 graduate of Holland High School, Freddie is heading to Ann Arbor in the fall to attend the University of Michigan. According to his college adviser at Holland High, “Freddie stands out as one of the most compassionate students — helping new students find their way at HHS, participating in the PALS program, and above all, being able to get other students to be just as compassionate.” His supervisor at Quality Car Wash calls him a “glowing example of what every parent, teacher or coach would like to see from their child, student or athlete.”

Freddie has always been excited about school and the idea of learning. College has been a dream of his as long as he can remember. In his words, “When I was barely old enough to walk, I would put my brother’s backpack on and follow him to the bus stop before school. Stumbling the entire way, I would try to follow him on the bus and cry once my mom pulled me aside.

Freddie will enter the University of Michigan seeking a major in psychology. He is interested in this field because “the human mind holds many puzzles and I’d like to solve them.” Freddie’s goal is to learn as much as he can about psychology so that one day he can help others and give back as much as he can.

Additionally, Freddie is interested in changing the small role minorities play in psychology. He notes, “The field is mainly made up of white males and research is carried out with very similar groups. Research and theories must be carried further into different cultures and types of people. Growing up in a Latino culture, it has always seemed to me that mental health is largely ignored and there is very little awareness about it.”

Freddie is thankful for the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship because it will allow him to focus on his studies without having to worry about finances. This is a gift he hopes to “one day bestow upon other students wishing to pursue their dreams in education.”

Freddie’s advice to high school students:

“Persevere even in the face of failure. It can be very unnerving not having any prior experience when it comes to college, but finding a support system and taking it upon yourself to seek out resources such as scholarships can make the dream a reality. Even when things don’t go as planned, trust the process.”

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