Graciela graduated from Holland High School and was nominated for a Promise Scholarship by her counselor.

She attends Michigan State University and plans to pursue environmental studies and sustainability because she is worried about the future of our planet.

“I want to keep seeing planet Earth thriving. I want to come up with new and innovative ways to use the resources we have on the planet in order for us not to be wasteful. I want to be the advocate the Earth needs and cause positive change in the way we treat our home planet.”

Graciela started dreaming of a college education when she was in the fifth grade. “I’ve never had anyone discourage me from following my dream of attaining a college education. In fact, my biggest cheerleaders have been both of my parents.”

My mom and dad always encourage me. They tell me stories about how their life has been without a college education, and I see the struggles that they face. This is their main way of motivating me to keep on working hard. They want to see me achieve something they never had the opportunity to do.”

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