An alumna of Holland High School’s Class of 2016, Kariana is majoring in English at the University of Michigan.

Kariana says it wasn’t an option in her family to not dream of college. Her parents have prodded all their children to care about education and achieving. And there were any number of teachers over the years who affirmed what her parents told her, that she was smart and could do whatever she set her mind to doing.

Arriving in the first grade, speaking only Spanish, Kariana moved from ELL (English Language Learner) classes to being the top in her English and Latin classes while still speaking Spanish at home. Her love and skill with languages will undoubtedly serve her well!

During high school Kariana was involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including tennis, National Honor Society, Student Senate and the PALS (Peer Assisted Listener) program. She highly recommends Holland’s LAUP’s Adalante program because she feels she gleaned important lessons from the stories about those who climbed the ladder to a successful and fulfilling life and career.

Kariana’s academic achievement and and commitment to her activities earned her the Brooks Family First Generation Scholarship as well as the last-dollar Promise award.

Celina Flegal, College Adviser at Holland High had this to say about Kariana:

“Kariana is a highly intelligent young lady who thrives in diverse, vibrant, and challenging opportunities, always expecting the best out of herself and encouraging the best in those around her. Kariana seems to easily work with people of any race, background, religion, or ability to bring out the best in herself and others.”

What did receiving the H/Z Promise Scholarship mean to Kariana?

“Being a recipient helps me continue to believe in myself. Believe that I can do it. Makes me feel a part of this Holland/Zeeland Promise community of students who have faced challenges too — and so I don’t feel as alone.”

Kariana’s advice to high school students:

“You have to find motivation from family and friends. Take strength from that help. Believe in yourself. Believe you can achieve the goal you set for yourself!”

To learn more about the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship, visit

Stories of Promise

The inspiring stories of the amazing recipients of the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship

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Stories of Promise

The inspiring stories of the amazing recipients of the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship

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