Marisol graduated from Black River High School in 2017 and is majoring in Social Work at Ferris University.

She was recommended to the Promise by her counselor at Black River High School as well as by staff at Latin American’s United for Progress (LAUP). According to her school counselor, “Marisol is giving, caring and funny. She has faced hardships, but has always kept her determination to succeed.”

Marisol says she started dreaming about a college education “when I gained a realization of all the struggles and limits my parents were forced to have,” since they did not have their college degrees. Her dream will become a reality at college where she is learning to “help others feel whole.”

A focused individual with a servant’s heart, Marisol’s goal is to couple a cosmetology license (she hopes one day to cut hair for the homeless) with a Master’s degree in social work.

What did receiving the H/Z Promise Scholarship mean to Marisol?

Marisol will be the first in her family to “actually get the change to attend a university,” and wants H/Z Promise donors to know that she is “honored and truly blessed for your belief in me and my education.”

Marisol’s advice to high school students:

“Never give up and never let anything get in the way of your dream. Every successful person had to face hardships and obstacles to get where they are. Even if something is thrown your way, always continue to push forward and make your dream a reality, the sky is the limit.”

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