Nancy graduated from West Ottawa High School and was nominated for a Promise Scholarship by staff at Upward Bound.

She attends Calvin College and plans to study social work because she wants to aid and advocate for communities that are underrepresented.

Nancy credits her fourth-grade teacher with encouraging her to seek a better future and achieve something that previous generations in her family had not been able to. She says Upward Bound helped her tremendously during her high school years.

“They gave me the tools necessary to become a well-rounded person who strives to be a better student than I was yesterday.”
Nancy’s parents and cousin have been her biggest supporters and inspiration. “When my parents arrived in the United States from Mexico, they saw that the only way to get ahead in life was through education. My cousin Juan has also served as motivation. He was the only child out of seven to graduate from high school, go to college, finish college and get a job. I saw all he accomplished and I realized that if he could do all of that, I could too.”

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