A 2016 graduate of Holland High School, Tanya is studying Biology, Health and Society at the University of Michigan.

When Tanya was in the 6th grade her parents received a call from the principal recommending that she be part of a program for students whose testing showed academic potential. That surprised Tanya. She hadn’t thought much about education, or what it might mean for her future to excel at it. And yet, that invitation opened doors for her that led her ultimately to dream of a college education, and to be the first in her family to do that.

Tanya credits her mother with nudging and prodding her toward excellence in school. Whenever she’d complain about how hard an assignment was, saying she didn’t think she could do it, her mother would say, “Tanya! Are you missing any fingers? Are you missing any part of your body? Then don’t make excuses. You can do it.”

Extra-curricular activities beckoned too. The list goes on and on for Tanya: Varsity tennis, youth groups at Central Wesleyan La Roca, PALS (Peer Assistance and Listening), National Honor Society, National Art Society. She was also a Holland Hospital Errand and Escort Volunteer and attended the National Student Leadership Conference at North Western University.

Celina Flegal, the college adviser at Holland High, had this to say about her:

“Tanya stands out among students. She is driven to succeed, serious about her education, personable, well-rounded and a kind caring young lady.”

What did receiving the H/Z Promise Scholarship mean to Tanya?

“This scholarship relieves me of the scariest part of going to college, the financial debt I might have had. And also getting the scholarship felt like confirmation that I can believe that I will do good, that I will be successful!”

Tanya’s advice to high school students:

“No matter how hard or how easy the work, give it your best effort.”

To learn more about the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship, visit www.cfhz.org/hzpromise

Stories of Promise

The inspiring stories of the amazing recipients of the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship

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Stories of Promise

The inspiring stories of the amazing recipients of the Holland/Zeeland Promise Scholarship

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