Building my own Planett

Chatting with Nose, the founder of Planett, a co-working space in Tainan, Taiwan. — Living in Tainan

Nose is from Taipei, Taiwan. She is a visual designer and the owner of Planett, a co-working space in Tainan.

Why do you live in Tainan?

I finished my university studies here, after that I decided to stay here.

So, do you like Tainan?

Yes I do! Tainan is very livable. I felt free and unrestricted, but it probably had more to do with the fact that I am living away from my family. I know the city well from the 4 years I spent here throughout my studies, so staying here will be more convenient for me as I know exactly where to get every material I need for my work.

What would you suggest to people visiting Tainan that they should do here? Where should they visit?

Visit Planett and have a deep thought on life. Lie down on a beach and ponder more. Or spend some time for an afternoon tea and give yourself a break.

What does Planett provide to its residents?

All of your necessities! I am sure we have almost everything a person living on Earth will ever need. We provide our cozy, spacious working space with two stray kittens. We have a simple photo studio, a small fab lab, a kitchen, a bathroom, and even living quarters. We regularly hold courses and other events at our venue.

How did you come up with the idea of starting a co-working space?

Everyone has to abide by a set of rules. Within the same universe, the rules on Earth are pretty much the same for most people. On Planett, we go by alternative rules, which may or may not be better or more comfortable to live with. I am just a person who refuses to be confined by rules or traditions. For some people, living is nothing more than a procedure or a to-do list, and we must go through every item and check in order to live a perfect life. I just couldn’t get this.

The original plan was to visit different places for short, 3–6 months stays, and earn a living through freelance jobs that can put my aesthetic and design skills to work. It’s a great feeling to be in the state of heightened sense arriving at a new place. But on a deeper thought, wouldn’t it be better if I can let more people experience the same?

I enjoy making things with my own hands. Doing so, I get to know the true value of a finished product.

For instance, I found that traditional boats with a Nordic origin has an entirely different design as those in the Tropics. It was an intriguing insight, and set off a desire to learn more about the reasons, logic and environmental factors behind. I guess it’s a form of cultural curiosity. If there’s something I can do to contribute to the community or to those having a similar situation as mine, I would certainly want to do it. Although it really sounded like I have a noble goal, it was just me doing what I can to help.

Who are your residents?

We have a crazy assortment of interesting, out-of-the-norm aliens here, probably because we are not a run-of-the-mill working space. Everyone is cool! People come and go, but DaJin who runs his own indie brand Nongli has been with us for quite a while. Nongli blends the elements of traditional Taiwanese symbols and patterns into T-shirt designs, and DaJin is also a photographer, a DJ and an maker who turns recycled material into furniture. Apart from the locals, we have also illustrators and designers from abroad. Some will work for us instead of paying rents, but more just wanted a place to relax.

How ’s your normal day like?

What I do are less about the activities at Planett than you may think, I work on projects related to the visual design and brand strategy. I would wake up and spend some time on personal matters, and spend the rest of the day hanging around atPlanett. On weekends I usually find somewhere to visit, among which the Tainan Science Education Museum is my favorite. I would plan an activity or event for Planett when I feel like it, and it’s almost like a role-playing game.

Tell us more about your plans?

I am hatching the idea to build a multi-purpose lab in Planett. The idea is to pool us freelancers together to work on larger projects and share the profit. With the current trends in the business world, it’s getting more and more difficult to be alone. One would need a well thought-out plan and perfect organization and execution to bring a brand out, whatever it is.

How would you describe yourself?

I am headstrong and non-stoppable! I like getting my own way and nothing can stop me.

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Photo & Text: Huiwen Chen
Editing: Sanford Poon