Transcript: Subject 003

John Hayes
Sep 14, 2015 · 1 min read

You know, I really thought this would feel different. For a procedure that supposedly rebuilds the language centers of somebody’s brain, so far… pretty normal. They said… process might take some time, though, and to just keep thinking outloud… guess… me will… do… OK definitely… having effects, but… can’t summon… basic words. Hello? Don’t… believe… according… plan. Doctor Patel? Something seems wrong. Losing… meanings… H…hi? Is anyone hearing… It’s Manny in here. Getting very difficult… thinking. Talking… hard… Help! … Assist!

<struggling against restraints>

Nurse!… What… was my name? Self… needs assistaaaance! … Police!


No more!


Who… am… free!… Person!… <heavy breathing> Please… understand…


Rrraaaa <screaming> Door!escape! loose! Humaaan!


This story’s part of a challenge to write something in which no word is repeated in the entire text. If you recommended it that would make me pretty happy. If you want to submit one yourself, let me know somehow, I’d like that too.

Stories That Don’t Repeat A Single Word

Tales which use only once each individual element of all…

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