Chaotic Good.

Dimitri Yakymuk on unsplash

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

— Albert Einstein.

For the new ghost in the house, Himetin everything was a miracle.

For Jamime, who’s been haunting the house since forever, nothing was.

Himetin is yet to get used to his new life.. er, after life. He couldn’t believe that Susan and her husband Drew had no idea he was following them around the house.

Once, he break danced in front of her, but she didn’t have any idea! He could walk through walls, he could run straight into the door and he would still be fine.

While Himetin was enjoying himself, Jamime had a really hard time controlling him.

The whole first week was telling Himetin not to play with fire, or he’s gonna burn the house down! I mean that’s the stuff you tell little kids, not a ghost!

One day when Susan and Drew weren’t home Himetin tried to cook. He switched on the stove, got his noodles and water he was ready as ever to pull this off.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you mad?” Jamime shouted and switched off the gas.

“No, I’m trying to freak them out! Imagine their reactions when they come home and see fully cooked noodles!”

“There are other ways to freak them out Himetin. Most of them, won’t need any work” Jamime said with a poker face.

“Oh boy! Like what? Tell me, teach me”

“When they are asleep, in the dead of the night, go to the garage and switch on a light!” Jamime’s eyes gleamed “That’ll freak them out”

“But… but it’s no fun!”

Himetin was the ghost who was chaotically good. He saw that both Sarah and Drew were nice people who were kind to strangers and once Drew even laughed when Himetine break danced in front of Drew while he was watching TV.

One night, Himetin wanted to look at the baby, So he walked in the baby’s room and the moment he stepped inside the lights switched on, he screamed and took a step back “Jamime! Jamime, what was that? Why did it do that? Hello? Is anyone there? Ghosts?”

“We are the ghosts! Dammit Himetine, you’re gonna expose us! Come on!”

“But I want to see the lights,” he stepped in again the room lit up, “Aah, did you see that? did you see?” Himentine was excited “I’m telling you Jamime, these humans are smart.”

Himetine is having the fun of his life, er.. after- life.

One day he followed Drew to his office and punctured the tire of Drew’s boss, who was unnecessarily mean to him. In the afternoon he spilled coffee all over the guy’s shirt who cut Drew’s line and was rude to him.

The next day, he followed Sarah to her studio, he stopped paint water from falling over her new paintings, he scared off the next door cat who always jumped in through the window and always messed things up for Sarah.

But in the nights, he reads stories to the baby girl, Rose. She can’t hear him of course, but he liked to read anyway. Her books are fun.

“I’m telling you honey, it’s almost like an angel’s watching over us” Sarah told her husband one night.

“Ah, you feel that too, you know the other day, one guy cut in front of me and the next second he spilled his coffee all over his shirt. It was like instant karma. There really is an angel watching over us huh?” He sighed.

But little did they know, it wasn’t an angel who’s watching over them, it was a ghost named Himetine.