Eternal Hope

Warren Wong/unsplash

Andrew was always fascinated by aliens and life in outer space. His fascination turned to obsession when he saw the movie ET as a young impressionable kid.

His mother brushed it off saying it was just a phase. But to Andrew it was not a crazy childhood obsession, it was his life goal.

When Andrew was a 23 year old lanky college graduate, he worked at a robotic laboratory trying to build prototypes of robots. His team worked on building a new robotic leg which could help people with paralysis walk. They worked on it for almost two years.

Their first trial went pretty well, although people still needed a walking stick for support. But they were happy with the end result.

That night Andrew took a walk on the beach and looked up at the sky, as he looked at the twinkling stars and the moon light, he began to wonder if aliens could watch him right now. Who knows they even do?

Andrew strongly believed that there are some other species out there in the universe. Species that were far more intelligent than us, who had technologies that were just a fantasy to us.

“Because, I would be thoroughly disappointed if we are the pinnacle of intelligence in this entire universe” He once said to his mother when she asked him why he was so obsessed with aliens and outer space.

— -

Over his entire lifetime Andrew send innumerable signals and codes, over various frequencies hoping that one day he would get a reply.

His career reached it’s highest point when he successfully built a robot which could do basic things when and where programmed. Of course he received a lot of questions from various philosophical and humanitarian intellects whether his robot has the ability to take over the human race, he laughed it off saying “Why on earth would I build a thing that has the potential to destroy us? Do you think I’m stupid? It’s just like your mobile phones, only it is in the shape of a humanoid.”

He programmed his robot R2-D2, which he named after his favorite Star Wars robot, to send a prerecorded reply when it gets any kind of static code from the machine he built to transfer signals, in case he wouldn’t be alive till then.

All his life he waited for a signal; any form of clue that they existed. Years passed but he didn’t receive any reply, he used to stay up late to send the same codes over different frequencies and ruling out the frequencies which he thought were of no use.

— -

Finally at the age of 90, Andrew died in his sleep dreaming about the universe and it’s endless possibilities.

Five years after Andrew died, R2-D2 received a signal from a planet called C-18, which translated to, “W-H-O I-S A-N-D-R-E-W?”

R2-D2 sent a signal that read “A-N-D-R-E-W S-A-I-D: H-I.”

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