The Problem will Always be Others

Lena Beisel (Heidelberg, Germany)

As a theology student I don’t know much about the legal basis regarding the refugee debate. But I know who I am. Born and brought up in Germany: A Germany that nurtured me together with my parents in accordance with values that helped me become a critical adult who sees the global world as a community. I was told to question the world around me and to never generalise as everyone is an individual. Friends of mine are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and people irrespective of their ethnic origins — equally. I’m not afraid of losing my identity because I know who I am, as a German but also as a human. And I sincerely hope that it will be our humanity that unites us.

Excerpt from #FrontièresWalls — Volume 1 Issue 1 of STORIES. Full text available in the print publication.

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