The World Speaks Up

Stories for Humanity (Montreal, QC, Canada)

The world is currently facing the greatest migration crisis since the second world war. Millions of war refugees are heading toward Europe and America, fleeing conflict and oppression in the Middle East and Africa. In 2015, they died by thousands in difficult treks, in the hopes of a better life. At the heart of this problem lie real humans, who, whatever side of the border they’re on, are wishing the same things for themselves and the ones they love: health, food, a roof, a job, a future. Speak to us from both sides of the wall. Tell us about fear. Tell us about injustice. But also, tell us about hope. Let’s speak up, and speak to each other. Honestly and bravely. Humanity’s story belongs to us. Let’s tell it together. Across borders.

Excerpt from #FrontièresWalls — Volume 1 Issue 1 of STORIES. Full text available in the print publication.

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