Salute! $25 million hard cap is reached

Storiqa’s team is delighted to state that the token sale ends with reaching the hard cap.

It’s just the beginning…

We have made a long way: everything has started from the market research in 2017. We’ve wanted to make a product which can be used by millions of people all around the globe. As far as you concerned, this is not an easy thing to make real: 3 hours naps between the working rush, nearly 15 000~ of tickets from users. We’ve worked hard, made mistakes and felt powerless again and again. But if we met someone who is new to Storiqa, we have told him the whole story and ignite ourselves again.

We are proud that we have met our fellow contributors everywhere in the world, we are thankful to our partners, our token holders, our subscribers and followers (by the way, we have managed to make a telegram community of 20000 people). Your questions, your ideas and your criticism are inspiring us. But it’s just the beginning.

Ruslan Tugushev, a founder:

“With more than 10 years in business we are helping to build projects in different fields, but our main dream is to build international company, which is demanded by millions of people in the world. We’ve worked hard to build an experience and make a team of professionals, which can lead our idea to life. Half a year ago we have taken risks to speak about ourselves on an international level. It was not easy, of course. We had doubts about speaking on the one level with the community, which has its own values and its own mindset. And we made it through: we have found a way to unite. Now more than 53 0000 people from more than 170 countries believe in us.
Storiqa team is working hard to build a marketplace which will connect the sellers and the buyers all around the globe, destroying the financial (and other) borders and limits. We want people to share their own goods, made from the heart.
Thank you for your faith.”

Paddy Tan, a founder at InterVentures Asia, a Storiqa’s advisor:

“This is by far the most hardworking team that I have worked with, and every single one of them are just awesome from the beginning to the end!”

And now, the most important thing for our users.

Firstly, we ask you to make no more payments to us or to As for the payments initiated before the point of reaching the hard cap (January 29 12:03 UTC+0), don’t worry: we will receive and process them as usual.

Secondly, we’ll start sending out your purchased STQ tokens to your ETH wallets on a daily basis. Please make sure you’ve specified your correct ETH wallet address in your account details on the bookbuilding platform ASAP. If your ETH wallet address turns out to be wrong, we won’t be able to cancel the transaction and return the tokens to you.

Thirdly, if you still haven’t specified your ETH wallet address, it’s high time you did that! You’ve got time to do it till February 28 — after that, you’ll have to go through a much more complicated procedure to receive your tokens. Before you specify your ETH wallet address, please make sure your wallet supports the ERC20 token standard and is configured for receiving STQ tokens according to our guide. Also, there will be a KYC process and we will announce more information about that additionally.

We congratulate the happy token owners. Thank you for believing in us. You are incredibly lucky, because the whole thing has just started. Let’s make the Storiqa #1 in e-commerce together!

Best Regards,

the Storiqa team.