Storiqa RISEs

In July 2018, people from the world’s biggest companies and most exciting startups will come to Hong Kong to share their stories and Storiqa is among them.

The company will participate in the most influential tech conference in Asia. Having recently finished its tokensale, the first crypto marketplace Storiqa is now on the verge of launching its minimum viable product. The innovative idea which the new platform aims to bring into e-commerce is winning more and more attention, and the company has been invited to participate in RISE, the most influential tech conference in Asia, which takes place in Hong Kong on July, 12. Storiqa will be represented at the Growth Stage by its co-founder and COO Andrian Galkin. Andrian will talk about the impact of blockchain technology on e-commerce, the Storiqa’s experience of starting up its business, and the role of tokenized model in business development.

Currently we observe an interesting phenomenon that cryptocurrencies and tokens are gradually becoming a modern crowdfunding approach to business ideas’ implementation. I’m really excited to talk about this and many other things at RISE, sharing the stage with the biggest tech companies, such as Microsoft and Amazon, along with other very promising emerging start-ups.

Andrian Galkin, Storiqa’s COO & co-founder

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