BVE 2016: Our Top 5 Seminars To See

“BVE is the UK’s largest event for professionals involved in taking content from creation to consumption” according to BVE’s website.

To you and me it’s the film & video equipment equivalent of Disneyland. Each year 15,000 technophiles flock to London’s Excel Centre to get their grubby mitts on the industry’s latest offerings, network with other people in their field, and perhaps most importantly, get a lanyard with their name on it.

While BVE is in some ways an adults-only petting zoo for the Arri Alexa, education and learning also plays a big part over the course of the event, with over 100 seminars covering everything from “The Art of Self-Shooting” to discussions on post production workflows. *dribbles*

To save you the arseache of reading through all 6 pages of listings, we have shortlisted our top 5 seminars to see at BVE 2016:

5. Kit Review: Demonstration & Discussion Of The Latest Cameras & Lenses On The Market.

You’ll soon see a recurring theme in this list — the location of the majority of seminars on our shortlist: The Cinematography & Lighting Theatre.

To kick off the 25th, why not head over and get an eye-in on the latest cameras and lenses. That should sufficiently moisten your appetite.

What we’re looking forward to: Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 MkII, Sony FS5 (with new firmware), Cooke’s new anamorphic lenses.

4. Demystifying Kit — How Relevant Is All This Gear In This Day & Age?

Not to be confused with what we thought was going to be an enthralling hour of advice relating to de-misting your gear, this seminar questions the necessity and viability of today’s industry equipment, which seems a strange topic to kick off proceedings with on the first day of the exhibition, but we guess it is a good idea to get a sense of grounding before you zoom off and immediately agree to pre-order a new 8K RED Weapon for your wedding video business.

This one is being given by Larry Jordan. His 25 years as a TV producer no doubt will shed light on matters.

3. Lighting On The Run

This is something that often baffles the best of us, so any extra insight we can get is a huge must. We also liked the look of this seminar because we aren’t sure whether or not they are leaving us all on an anamorphic cliffhanger or just used the wrong “to”. Either way the word anamorphic got us excited.

Given by Jonathan Harrison of — a DoP who’s shot several documentaries, including BBC’s Horizon series.

2. Getting The Most Out Of LEDs

There’s no shying away from it, LED lights are commonplace nowadays. *sobs and clings to his ol’ favourite tungsten lamp*. If you went to our no#3 seminar you would have probably heard a lot about LED lights, so it makes sense to go to that, go and grab a burger and then come to this.

Geoff Boyle is a cinematographer responsible for an absolute barrage of TV commercials between 1984–2014.

1. Fashion! Blue Flares Are So Yesterday, Anamorphic Is About A Very Different Look To Your Images

Flares, anamorphic, lenses. 3 of the finest words in the English dictionary. Need we say more?

If you do happen to find yourself at BVE, look out for us, we’ll very likely be at the above seminars, drooling over Arri’s stand or destroying any and all buffets in our vicinity.

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*Young-person-speak for ‘great’.

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