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StormGain introduces multi-crypto trading

StormGain is pleased to announce the arrival of a new multi-crypto trading feature. Following the update, clients will no longer need to exchange funds to USDT before opening trades.

From now on, when you add funds to your account, you can immediately choose your desired cryptocurrency and trade with it without first exchanging funds to USDT. Previously, you could only trade after exchanging your crypto to USDT.

StormGain has made improvements to make everyone’s trading experience faster, simpler and cheaper. As a StormGain client, you no longer need to exchange your funds back and forth to USDT to trade. By cutting these extra steps out, you’ll save time and energy while automatically save money on USDT exchange commissions.

Multi-crypto trading: managing a diverse portfolio is now easier than ever before

As any trader knows, maintaining a diverse portfolio is the best way to manage risk. Ideally, this means that you’ll trade with several different cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how you can benefit from multi-crypto trading following the update:

1. When adding funds, select the cryptocurrency you would like to add to your wallet. Then trade directly from that wallet.
2. To exchange the selected cryptocurrency for another, go to the StormGain app’s Exchange tab just like before.

If you already have funds in USDT, you can exchange them for another cryptocurrency in the StormGain app’s Exchange section or continue to create trades in USDT. More about the terms of exchange.

If you’re more comfortable trading with USDT and don’t want to change anything, you can continue trading with USDT just as before. The update only gives you the choice to trade from other StormGain crypto wallets.

Everything remains exactly the same for withdrawals and every other aspect of using StormGain. Other commissions or fees will not be increased or decreased as a result of the update.

Important note about bonuses
Bonuses, such as those included in our StormGain loyalty programme, will remain in effect. However, they will first apply to USDT wallets only. We’ll roll out an update to apply bonuses to other wallets soon. All clients will be notified when it goes live.

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