Inspiring women in Blockchain Technology | Happy Women’s Day.

This International Women’s Day we take a look at 9 inspirational leaders who did some amazing work in Blockchain Space.

StorX Network
StorX Network


It’s a well-known fact that there are fewer women who follow a career path in Technology. Despite the noticeable shift in the way we talk about gender equality — it’s no longer about proving there is a gap, but about how we fill it — and the significant effort going into the latter, in 2021 women still only made up minuscule numbers especially in the Blockchain Tech, This International Women’s Day (March 8th), we share our most inspiring women in Fintech, Blockchain, and Crypto. Ladies, we at StorX Tech salute you.

1. Galia Benartzi

Co-Founder, Business Development at Bancor

2. Joyce Kim

Advisor at Freestyle Capital

3. Jillian Godsil

Co-Founder and CEO at BlockFounders

4. Margaretta Colangelo

Co-founder & CEO at Jthereum

5. Elizabeth Stark

CEO and Co-Founder, Lightning Labs

6. Kathleen Breitman

Co-founder of Tezos

7. Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares

8. Kahina Van Dyke

Global Head, Digital Channels and Data Analytics at Standard Chartered Bank

9. Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley

Blockchain Business Development and Marketing Consultant

Though this is by any means an exhaustive list of all the leading female figures in the blockchain space. These women are setting high standards in many areas of the blockchain space and are contributing immensely to the growth and blockchain ecosystem.

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StorX Network
StorX Network

StorX helps you securely encrypt, fragment and then distribute important data across multiple hosting nodes spread worldwide.