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StorX Network’s Vision for the Future

Our mission is to transform the global data storage environment with our pioneering decentralized cloud storage solutions. We envision a decentralized internet where freedom of expression isn’t bound by the philosophy of those who govern the internet and users have complete sovereignty over their data without any concerns of monopolistic institutions misusing their powers by compromising the security and privacy of their users for the sole purpose of making greater profits.

By utilizing a peer-to-peer network, StorX will eliminate any third party from accessing the data through unauthorized means and prevent the data from being manipulated or exploited. This will enable users to be the sole owners of their data and not any company. Those participating on StorX can also lease their underutilized disk space on hard drives by renting the space out to other cloud users on the marketplace. Anyone can join and receive incentives in the form of StorX’s own native cryptocurrency -the SRX token- to rent out their storage. This will create a real-time economy that empowers netizens to create an environment where everyone will own a small fragment of the internet and not any large corporations.

We aim to leverage the world’s surplus data storage to create a platform that is ready to disrupt the $76 billion cloud storage industry with a solution that not only is more secure, private, and faster but also environmentally friendly at the fraction of the cost of centralized cloud storage services. StorX provides an alternative to those who want to break free from the monotony of centralized cloud service providers and their exploitive market practices and offers a solution that is built by the community, for the community.

The days of relying on centralized cloud storage providers to safeguard our data will soon be bygone and StorX will lead the way with a superior blockchain-based cloud that is powered and controlled by the user.

About StorX

StorX is a decentralized cloud storage network that empowers users to store their data securely on the cloud. Each file uploaded on StorX is split and encrypted into multiple fragments to autonomous storage nodes operated by individual operators across the world. Designed as the collection of autonomous storage networks, no individual operator has complete access to your data. StorX is not only faster compared to legacy centralized storage providers but you can also make substantial savings on costs compared to centralized cloud storage services. StorX also enables users with spare storage capacity to lease space and earn fabulous returns. Register now at and contribute to building a secure internet.




Experience the faster, safer, more affordable and completely decentralized enterprise-grade cloud storage solution.

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StorX Network

StorX Network

StorX helps you securely encrypt, fragment and then distribute important data across multiple hosting nodes spread worldwide.

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