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Letter sent on Oct 16, 2017

Story Design and How I Make it Happen

I’ve added two articles to the publication that talk about aspects of my approach to story design.

In the first one, I discuss the moment in which I finally realized what story design was. TLDR: I fall in love with tiny details about a story early in the process, and that traps me from being able to design the story. I never escape that trap, and that detail becomes the focus of the story, limiting effectiveness.

In the second, I present my most recent published book, Sally and Billy in Babyland, and how I use homage to structure it, and the passion that inspired it.

I’m going to go deeper in detail about the design of Sally and Billy in Babyland because it’s a short and simple story. It won’t challenge you or me to discuss its design. And yet, it will be mutually beneficial!

Here are the links to those stories in case you missed them:



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