Buddha Cats: Why Cats Sit on Buddha Position?

Buddha Cats — Why Cats sit on Buddha Position? Have you ever looked at a cat sitting back on a wall, looks like a tired old man with his legs throwing out? First time I’ve seen it, thought the cat broke her legs, but it’s not the case. Its position is so-called Buddha Position, why they do that? The hint is in self-grooming!

Buddha Cats: Why Cats sit on Buddha Position?


This sitting position is seen a lot among Scottish folds, it’s in their genes.

Scottish Fold sitting in Buddha Position

Scottish Folds of Calgary- October 2011 (Pinterest)

They have incomplete cartilage of ears due to osteochondrodysplasia, in other words, they have folded ears because of innate gene. This can cause bone defect not just in ears, but other parts also such as around their wrists. Fused joints can cause pain, so that Scottish Fold tend to sit in Buddha position to avoid weigh on their bones… This is one of the theories. Anyway, this sitting position of cats are not just seen among Scottish Folds, but other breeds as well. It looks somewhat funny, but as always, they don’t care how they look.

Self-grooming Guru


When cats sit in Buddha position, they look even more unique creature. And they truly are. They spend a lot of time for self-grooming. Buddha position come in handy here. They groom themselves by licking all over their body thoroughly. By sitting in a Buddha position, cats can lick their stomach and around their crotch. They start grooming wherever or whenever they are when they feel like. Cats never get tired of taking care of themselves nor complaining about grooming. They lick their heart out each session.

Buddha Mind?


Not just their appearance, but cat’s mind have resembrance with Buddhist way of thinking. If you had a cat, you might have seen a cat fall from high ground and fail to land gracefully? Or like slipping on a polished floor. Do they care about their fail? Never. They just move on and get to where they were going. There’s a story like this. Cats have traveled hundreds of miles and found their way back home after being lost. The cat never lost faith in the path, nor did they worry about how long it will take. They know the only one that can help is themselves.

Devote Chanter


Not a day goes by chanting their faith like devout Buddhist chants The Heart Sutra. Cat’s chanting their faith is purring. They don’t hesitate to start chanting whenever they find a chance, they sing their heart out with full happiness. By purring, I mean chanting, cats calm themselves and it goes with their mind as well to maintain their peace. Cats are carnivore, but they are not aggressive for fighting. Contrary to fighting, they try to avoid it as much as thy can and solve the problem by not fighting.

Enlightened Being?


Cats do what needs to be done just when it needs to be done. No hustle. Before one is enlightened, one’s mind is full of cluttered thoughts. One is unwilling to eat when it’s time to eat and unwilling to sleep when it’s time to sleep with full of information and ideas, plans and projects. If one is truly enlightened, one’s life is smooth as he eats when it’s time to eat and sleep when it’s time to sleep with no worries. What one do is the same, eat, sleep , but one can have freedom and joy in doing them after enlightened. Sounds familiar… Yes, cats seem to be enlightened and always practice their way. How cats can maintain their peace? Let’s go back to self-grooming, self-love and no worry mind. Oh, don’t forget chanting the contentment of Purr!

Cats are… Cats

abyssinian johnny on a bean bag

Cats love themselves fully without a single doubt. It is not something decaying as time goes by, but their self-love lasts their whole lives. This attitude is one of the main things which define cats as it is. They lick and groom themselves while nobody to tell you so. They stretch luxuriantly, and they express their needs to others openly. Also, they are no known for giving out false affection. Cats build firm relationship with the ones she trusts and express her love freely with them. Many are known to nuzzle, follow, lay on and play with trusted ones. Cats are affectionate animal despite the circulated image.


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