Awkarin strikes back, she’s telling internet she is what she is, a relentless enemy

I definitely just lost my high sense of humor for no longer amusingly cringe while reading a bunch of spiteful comments -in the comment box- for Awkarin featured rapping in Young Lex’s music video. For this account, I feel old and odd for realizing that it’s one of those entrapment that occurs in the cage of human hostility. Both sides, AwKarin and Netizens are disputing for their own state, hypocritically.

The nerve is still pitching up, Netizens are eagerly waiting Awkarin’s radiant comeback. And here comes (I supposed) a series of her redemption (there will be more). She utterly fights back by committing swagly as a bad girl, a dirty-mouth, and openly accepting Netizens’ best regard for her as a ‘nation depravity symbol’-while Taylor Swift is American sweet heart. Her consonant as an individual might has been torn up in the name of Free State Internet -in spite of her juvenile readiness of socio-publicized, she unconsciously involves in loathing her own self. And like the other Netizens, she fully owns privilege to express her contempt for all the hate she’s been received, but does the aftermath of striking confession become a comfort counteraction and submission for her? Mm I mean also for us, as millennial custody.

Young Lex feat. Awkarin — Bad MV

Netizens know what the best for Awkarin is to stay sober to become a productive human being in adequate way. Finally, she works out through other pretentious medium, hip hop music. I personally just want to define the music as her statement, not treat it as a creation of art, because the music is so awful -the rapping is a list of disgraces, too ugly to be told obviously and disoriented with the music, make it heard like snooze of Kendrick Lamar’s enjoying boredom while he likes suffering boredom. Defiantly stating proud to be bad, Awkarin is still not sober and proper enough for Netizens. How they confront her, for this, still with unfiltered discourses, whether it’s in good intention or not, they’re patronizing her. For the sake of morality, they type offensive and piteous words assaulting her choice, her attitude, and her body. It could be that Awkarin is blatantly misspelling them, they are not saint-like (sok suci) they just too naïve for discovering her.

It turns out Awkarin is not that susceptible whinny girl. But, she’s vaguely lost in salvation if she chose to redeem her anger or establish herself as a determining individual deserving to have a place for her grotesque personality regardless how settle the society is, by using her own principle to condemn the society itself. The tendency in her half singing half rapping declaring how awful she is, inclusively more like “Yes I’m a sinful, but screw you saint people!”, yet she’s throwing hideous judgement to people who despise her. Her resistance just makes her behave imperiously as ‘saint-like’ as her beloved Netizens. This back and forth imposes the ultimate condescension between human being in digital era, and it’s not amusing at all.

I try to stay away from right and wrong admission as far as I can, because in this case it’s like craving for morality as pure as you can. I also know accusing Netizens is ineffectual, the terms of free willing and democracy juxtaposing with social norm is an inevitable subject simultaneously can be so uncontrollable. Severely, this kind of public accusation to the member of their society has already spoiled every matter of humanity including freedom of expression, cultural background, and gender. It has grown the expense of dispensable antipathy when people hurt each other completely lying on the importance of morality. Yes, this girl, Karin -I’m happy to call her as she must been called- still has an issue. Meanwhile, why could not our genuine concern to her swifts to hindsight, capturing her like the other tale of coming of age story.

*Notes: most of ruthless and sexist comments from Netizens had been removed from the comment box. Here’s the link to the rest that’s still available to read https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF-tBVVumMw

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