Story in Poetry
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Story in Poetry

Poetry: As I (Write)

As I stand barefooted in a sunflower field,
I see greeting petals of welcoming ballad,
I see cheering greens of enthusiastic chorus,
I see purposeful bees of buzzing climax,
I see feathered butterflies of weightless coda,
I see an undefined beauty
in a reflection of infinite symphonies.
As I write a letter to my belove nemophilist,
I hear doubtful whispers from the moonlit forest,
I hear unsettling chatters from the gesturing leaves,
I hear rustling steps from the rugged pathway,
I hear lamenting howls from the bluish luna,
I hear an insoluble mystery
in a vastness of neverending secrets.
As I lay restfully upon my cosy bed,
I feel whistling breaths in swinging strings,
I feel pumping beats in rhythmic taps,
I feel traveling waves in periodic rolls,
I feel an unhampered flow in my inherent will,
I feel an encompassing embrace
in an immenseness of ungraspable wonders.



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