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Story in Poetry

Poetry: One Step Away

One must fall
for one to raise
Competition of life
in strings of pain
Raging angsty
over another’s gain
Regardless stepping
upon others’ place
Comparative living
continues in endless shame

One high spot
points to higher planes
Neverending struggles
for a peaceful space
Futile tears
stream like a broken rain
Colorless voice
muted in the sprouting days
Is this where
I must persistently stay?

One small step
into a lighted way
Bridges of the past
collapse as mist departs
Binding shadows
fade with hints of grey
Tired hands
outstretch in a desperate crave
Acknowledging glows
descend with a hopeful grace

One more time
without the harassing game
Wrinkled wounds
mend with strings of love
Tattered dirt
washes down the hungry drain
Untainted hues
renewed with a sense of brim
World of unrestraint
in brightness once again

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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