London gets clicked!

(11-Apr-2015 to 20-Apr-2015)
There is something very English about being a Londoner

London, Paris, New York, Tokyo — my lovely wife says are the modern day ‘Char Dham’ (Indian- Four abodes of God, to be visited once in a lifetime). She is a gorgeous woman, decked up most of the times, someone who loves the beach but dares entering the sea, who loves the sunshine, but dares bare out for a tan. She is crazy to many, but funny to me. At my recent lone business visit to London, she dared me not to enjoy the city (which she often does), for she wanted to do it with me. But a man cannot escape but see, and the photographer (read ‘pretty amateur’) in me, still managed to get a nice vivid capture of the city.

There is something mystic and English in the air of London which makes you fall in love with the city, the people and the high streets. The iconic Union Jack held up high gives you a certain sense of pride in what this nation is. 10 days in London, living on the Oxford Street, which is none less than the fashion high street of the world, beauty, bliss and fashion gave me a sense of what this city is all about. The vivid diaspora this city caters to blew my minds, and the pace of life but yet being laid back in so many respects is what you love this city for.

The Union Jack- Near Westminister
St. Pauls Cathedral
Trafalgar Square
Tower Bridge London
Big Ben- Westminister
River Thames Walkway
Big Ben- Night Time
Buckingham Palace
London Eye
Oxford Cirus- Ripleys
Tower Bridge- Low Light
Tube Station Walkway
Shakespeare Globle
Oxford Circus
St. Pauls Cathedral- City of London
Near Parliament House
British Telecom Office
Near Parliament House
Trafalgar Square
Bank- City of London
Buckingham Palace
Black Taxi- Tower Bridge
Soho Square
Big Ben
Oxford Street
Trafalgar Square
Big Ben
Tube Station
Next Stop- New York? I think so!