Seychelles gets Clicked!

(16-Feb-2015 to 23-Feb-2015)

So Seychelles- The unexplored picture perfect beauty!

For the beach people out there, there can be no better place than Seychelles on your To-Do list. While the likes of Bora Bora, Mauritius, Maldives, Bangkok(don’t count) top the tourist charts, there is something truly unmarketed about Seychelles which makes it the best of the lot. Marketed holiday destinations are for tourists, this one is for travellers, loners and wanderers.

Seychelles and its cluster of Islands are one of the most unexplored and naturally preserved Islands existing today (Or at least from the ones I have known). There is a certain sense of nature which you derive from the least crowded beaches, empty streets, wild flora and fauna and the reggae lifestyle. The blue waters, white sands, amazing sunshine make it a picture perfect affair. The air is lazy, life is peaceful, love is aplenty and water is beautiful. Of the main islands- Mahe, Praslin and La Digue top the charts. A nice 7 day affair with this beauty can sort you out.

Seychelles National Flag
Cat Cocos Jetty- Mahe
Beau Vallon Beach
Mahe Island- Windmills
Praslin Island Jetty
Praslin Island Coast Line
Anse Lazio- Praslin
Constance Lemuri Resort- Praslin
Constance Lemuri Golf Course- Praslin
Praslin Jetty Coast Line
Mahe- Beau Vallon beach
Praslin Ocean
Mahe City
Eden Island- Mahe
Eden Island- Mahe
Victoria Town- Mahe
Anse Intendance- Mahe
Mahe International Airport
Le Meridien Seychelles
Savoy Resorts Seychelles
Le Meridien Seychelles
Constance Lemuria Golf Course
Mahe International Airport Incoming
Where Next? I think it should be Bora Bora- so lets wait!
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