Getting the most out of your customized storytelling app — part 2

We recently posted about some ways to get the most out of your customized storytelling app. Another way to make your custom story map available to others is to add it to your organization’s configurable app gallery.

A custom storytelling app in the app gallery.

This is a simple process that involves registering your customized app as an item in your organization and adding it to a group. Read on for the details…

Step 1: Create an item for your custom application

Go to My Content > + Add Item > An Application. Be sure to choose self-configurable since storytelling apps have their own builders.

Enter the URL of your app and other details.

Create an item for your custom app.

After you create the item you’ll see the new item page. At this point you should make sure you have a good name and add a nice thumbnail (200 x 133 pixels), summary, description, and tags. This will make sure the app looks good and is discoverable by members of your organization when they see it or search for it in the app gallery. You might also consider enabling delete protection on your new item so it doesn’t get accidentally removed.

Step 2: Register your app

Next, under the App Registration section of the item page click Register, and enter one or more redirect URIs (usually just your app server is sufficient).

Register your app as a Browser app with any redirect URIs.

After you click the Register button you’ll see the app registration information, which you’ll need in the next step.

Step 3: Configure index.html

Copy the App ID and paste it in the oAuthAppId property of index.html of your custom story map deployment.

If you want to restrict the use of your custom app then we recommend you set the authorizedOwners property. You can either provide a list of specific members who are permitted to use the custom app or authorize all members in your organization by entering your organization ID in [brackets].

If you want to make your custom app open for anyone to use you can set


so that stories owned by any ArcGIS member (even those not in your organization) can be viewed using your custom app. See comments in the app’s index.html or this blog post for more information about configuring authorizedOwners.

Leave the appid parameter empty. Since this copy of the app you host will be used for many stories the appid will be supplied via URL parameter when your app is accessed.

Configure parameters in your app’s index.html.

Step 4: Make the app available to members of your organization

Now that your item has been created, looks respectable, and your application has been configured with OAuth you’re ready to make the app available for others to use.

If your application is only authorized for use by members of your organization you should share its item just with your organization. You’ll also need to share it to your organization’s configurable apps group (keep reading if your organization doesn’t have a configurable apps group).

If you didn’t restrict the authorizedOwners (*) for your app then you can share the item publicly if you want anyone to use your customized app.

Share your app item with your organization and your organization’s configurable apps group.

Now, when members of your organization create a web app, either from My Content > Create > App > Using a template or from the map viewer > Share > Create a Web App, they’ll be able to select your custom storytelling app.

A custom storytelling app in the app gallery.

If your organization doesn’t yet have a configurable apps group you’ll need to ask an administrator to create a group and configure it in My Organization > Edit Settings > Map > Configurable Apps.

An administrator can configure a group to be used for your organization’s configurable app gallery.

Something administrators should be aware of when using your own configurable apps group is that your organization’s members will no longer see the categorization of apps when creating a web app in the map viewer. Instead they will see a simple, searchable list of configurable apps.

Members will no longer see categories when using your own configurable apps group.

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