How I met 37coins.

I am Dan Schott from North Dakota.

I am a Bitcoin enthusiast and working towards building the Bitcoin ecosystem within the State of North Dakota. The process of building the Bitcoin ecosystem has provided an opportunity to meet and network with many entrepreneurs in the US and internationally. Because Bitcoin is a new and maturing technology sharing experiences, trial and error, and having fun are super important!

Bitten by the Bitcoin bug in January, 2014

My first experience with Bitcoin was back in 2011 when I installed the client. I enjoyed exploring the technology and learning more about the Bitcoin payment network. I was truly bitten by the Bitcoin bug in January 2014 when the price volatility caught my eye. I have since been impressed with the many opportunities and global community support that exists in the Bitcoin industry.

37coins technology is effective.

Coindesk is an exceptional news outlet for Bitcoin subjects and I was immediately drawn to the concept and opportunity of 37coins after reading the article. Texting is a technology that continues to grow in utilization and the integration of Bitcoin creates a powerful payment solution.

My gateway in North Dakota is about exploring a fun, but effective way to transact bitcoin in rural or low technology demographics. The goal is to explore if the 37coins technology is effective where traditional financial systems have not been. 37coins has been supportive to me as a gateway operator and is always looking for new innovative ideas.

Fun and simple method to explore the Bitcoin.

I would like my 37coins gateway to provide a fun and simple method to explore the Bitcoin. I believe there are several types of users open to this technology including; international students/visitors, migrant workers, low income individuals, and the technology curious.

Thank you, Dan.

This story is written by Dan Schott, 37coins US gateway operator.

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