4 Romantic Korean Phrases You Must Know 1

1. 밀당 [mildang]

mil-da (밀다, to push) + dang-gi-da (당기다, to pull)
밀당 [mildang]

Literally means “the push and pull of a relationship.” “Mil-dang” is used to indicate the situation when one person pretends that s/he is less interested in you than s/he really is. It mainly refers to a way of making you more interested in him/her at the start of a romantic relationship. The appropriate English counterpart would be “to play hard to get.”

2. 썸 타다 [sseomtada]

sseom-dding (썸띵, something) + ta-da (타다, to ride)
썸 타다 [sseomtada]

“Sseom ta-da” is used to describe the situation when there is something going on and good chemistry with a girl/guy, but s/he is not quite your girlfriend or boyfriend yet!

3. 모태 솔로 [mote solo]

mo-te (모태, mother’s womb) + solo (솔로, solo)
모태 솔로 [mote solo]

“Mo-te solo” is a word that combines “mother’s womb” with “solo.” It is used to indicate someone who has never dated and has not been in a relationship… since coming out of the mother’s womb. (That’s fine, we say! Enjoy your time as a single lady or man!)

4. 심쿵하다 [simkunghada]

sim-jang (심장, heart) + kung (쿵, thump-thump, the sound your heart makes as it beats) + ha-da (하다, to do)
심쿵하다 [simkunghada]

Indicates the situation when someone or something is attractive enough to make your heart beat faster. Think about your bias. That’s the feeling!

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