About Fernando Moon

Hello everyone, My name is Fernando Moon(문관균) and I am pleased to introduce myself.

It’s always challenging where to start, isn’t it? hm.. Let’t me start from very beginning.

Until I finished my military service, my life was relatively mundane thanks to the competitive environment in Korea.

From 8 to 19, I was in school from 7 in the morning until midnight (including all of the extra classes), so I don’t have many good memories from that period.

I Love reading books

When I finally went to attend a university, I was admitted to one i wanted to enrol, but I felt lost.

I read book after book after book searching for the meaning of my life. Ultimately I decided to leave the university and traveled to France and enrolled at a university there.


It was there that I found what really inspires me, which is learning languages! It may sound strange, but the more languages I learn, the more I feel confident in every aspect of my life. What’s more, getting to spend time with people from so many diverse backgrounds made me feel ALIVE! Around that same time, I reached a turning point in my life while watching videos from an early version of what became the Khan Academy.

My hero

I watched the founder, Salman Khan, and realized how powerful technology was and how much value it could bring to the world.

Happiest Moment with my Co-founder

I was so inspired that I just couldn’t help but do something similar! I realized that I had a deep insight into the language learning process, so I decided to jump right in and started Eggbun Education!

So, this is my petit journey to becoming an entrepreneur. I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that it will help you understand a little bit more about me.

Thanks for reading!