About Wonki Jo

Hello, my name is Wonki Jo. I am a developer at Eggbun. I am a kind of serious guy, but I’m not too nerdy.

I didn’t have anything that was my specialty, so I just started my career as game developer because my hobby was playing games. However, it took me three years to realize that the field of game development is not the best fit for me.

Therefore, I decided to quit my previous job, and I started to look for a new job.

After a while, I happened to meet Eggbun’s founders while I was studying android development for another career. Their vision and product seemed pretty cool, so I decide they were who I would continue working for.

They are cool people

Outside of my working hours, I love drinking beer and watching and playing football with my friends. Generally I play football once a week and go swimming everyday. I’m kind of sporty, I guess.

I love playing football, seriously!

However, I cut my finger by mistake which forced me to stop some of my activities. I’m really down because of that; I can’t wait to go outside and play sports again!

I also love learning new things. In fact, since all of my materials are written in English, I have no choice but to keep studying that language. Well, speaking English fluently has always been on my bucket list — for that reason I went to India for a year. That trip was helpful for my development skill but not so helpful for my English speaking. I should have focused more on English during that time. I’m pretty sad I didn’t.

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