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Health First

My health has declined a lot throughout my startup journey. I’ve gained more than 20 kg, experienced “burnout,” and many other health issues. The same goes for my co-founder; her health situation is no different now, a year after starting Eggbun.

This got me to thinking about whether or not running a company while ignoring health is a good thing. It doesn’t mean that I want to work less or anything like that. I love my job and I still take a Company growth as a first priority. But it’s 2017 now, so I’ve decided to grow the company, team members, and myself to the level of sustainability. Here are my conclusions, which I came to after long hours of thinking.

Eggbun Education shall have health as a priority. These 2 aspects of health are key.

  1. Financial Health
  2. Individual Health

Company sustainability must be the most important thing. How could anyone can make any other plans based on such an uncertainty? In order to maintain a base sustainability in Eggbun, I came up with a very simple calculation.

(Investment/16+Monthly Net Revenue ) — Salary — New Hires — Marketing — Overhead (Tools, Insurance, Lunch, etc) = Buffer Money.

Most of the time, buffer money is used to make a company a better place (Food quality, standing desks etc.). When listing things to make Eggbun a better place, we use a “health first” framework.

In the meantime, when it concerns hitting milestone, and January nearly 100% buffer money will be used to increase team members’ salaries.

By doing so, we want to make it clear that company goals must be aligned with individual goals; people should receive proper compensation.

This is the Operation Strategy of Eggbun this year. I firmly believe that this method can help Eggbun become a sustainable yet attractive company for many potential candidates. Thus, we can dream of working with great people to make a better company! This plan is still premature. I will dedicate myself to improving it from time to time.

If you feel excited about joining our team, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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