Hi! I am Queenie Kawabe

I was born and raised in a multilingual family who speak five languages. I’ve been teaching East Asian languages to people from all walks of life since 2006. I used to be an educator, a high school teacher, and a university tutor when I lived in Brisbane, Australia.

Being an Asian child, I was told to go to university and graduate with flying colors so I could have a higher paying job with a decent lifestyle. However, I was the exact opposite of who my parents wanted me to be. I went to Australia and had my first backpacking experience there for a month at the age of 18. After a month backpacking in Australia, I decided to move to Brisbane to expand my world and discovered the life I always wanted.

I found my teaching passion when I was in Brisbane where I help language learners speak and think like a near-native speaker by teaching them the effective and easy learning methods they need. I believe that everyone deserves unique learning style to unleash their talent to the world.

My goal is to help you to think and speak like a near native speaker without stress. I believe my role in Eggbun Education is a language specialist, not just a content writer. I want to share my knowledge and skill with you through the Eggbun Education where it allows you think and speak like a near native speaker confidently.

If you are struggling with your language learning, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you, just like my students.